Wii Tops 9 Million, PS3 4 Million LTD In Japan

As of December 13, Nintendo's Wii has sold more than nine million units in Japan, while Sony's PlayStation 3 has topped four million, thanks to the PS3 price cut and the effects of New Super Mario Wii's launch.
As of December 13, the Wii has sold more than nine million units in Japan, while the PlayStation 3 has topped four million. The precise figures from Famitsu publisher Enterbrain, as translated by consumer weblog Kotaku, are 9,048,012 units for Wii and 4,020,563 units for PlayStation 3. On the Wii front, that means a little fewer than 2 million units sold in 2009; as of December last year, Nintendo's console had sold 7.5 million units. However, the recently-launched New Super Mario Bros Wii has sold 1.4 million copies in the territory in its first 11 days. As the fastest-selling Wii title to date, NSMB Wii has also driven hardware sales, boosting the console up as much as 128 percent in recent weeks. As for the PS3, it's seen a significant surge, doubtless due at least in part to its major price cut this year. Between December 2008 and 2009, the console leapt from 2.6 million sold in Japan to the 4 million figure revealed today.

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