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Krafton acquires minority stake in Forever Skies developer Far From Home

The cash will be used to support Forever Skies and the Polish studio's next project.

Chris Kerr, News Editor

April 22, 2024

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Key artwork for Forever Skies
Image via Far From Home

PUBG: Battlegrounds maker Krafton has grabbed a minority stake in Forever Skies developer Far From Home.

The South Korean company will look to support Far From Home with the ongoing development of Forever Skies and future projects.

Far From Home CEO Andrzej Blumenfeld said the deal further underlines his belief in the strength of the studio's development team and their creative vision. "While we can comfortably fund the operation of our studio through the sales of Forever Skies, the capital injection from Krafton will provide important funding diversification and security for us in the long term," added Blumenfeld.

"We are pleased that Krafton believes in our vision and wants to support our growth. With this in mind and with the recent announcement of our agreement with Sony, we believe that our games will be even better and the future of Far From Home looks bright."

Far From Home will remain fully independent following the deal, meaning it will retain full creative control of Forever Skies and whatever projects come next. The studio will also continue to self-publish its titles.

At the time of writing, Forever Skies has delivered over 160,000 sales through Steam Early Access. The title is expected to make its full debut on PC and PlayStation 5 later this year, having made its early access bow in June 2023.

With Forever Skies almost ready to launch, Far From Home has started planning its next project and explained the Krafton investment will "primarily" be used to create that sophomore effort.

"Our funding for the completion of Forever Skies is secured, but eventually, we will need to start looking ahead at what comes next for our team," said Blumenfeld. "The capital raised through Krafton will make it significantly easier for us to plan out and build our next title to be something bigger and even more ambitious. At the same time, we retain our independence and full creative control which is extremely important to us."

The news represents a one-two punch of investments for Krafton, which last week led a $15 million funding round into UK studio Red Rover Interactive.

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