Warren Spector Joins 2006 Texas Independent Game Conference

The organizers of the recently announced Texas Independent Game Conference have confirmed that Wa...
The organizers of the recently announced Texas Independent Game Conference have confirmed that Warren Spector will join Manifesto Games' Greg Costikyan as a keynote presenter at the event, which takes place in Austin on July 22 and 23. The two-day event, which is intended to be an environment for independent game developers to discuss, investigate and explore issues relevant to them, will feature four tracks and keynote presentations, as well as a dedicated vendor area. The organizers have also recently added several roundtables to the two-day program, and a Game Demo Party where developers will get the chance to show off their work to publishers and their peers. “We are delighted with the response this new event has received from the indie gaming community,” said Conference Director Steve Farrer. “The addition of Warren as a Keynote speaker and the development of the program, speakers and sponsors demonstrates the demand for this type of inclusive conference.” The four tracks featured at the conference will cover various topics, including a sessions with industry veterans, how to commercialize a product, development tools, and the role of game mods. More information on the event can be found at the conference's official website.

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