Nvidia Q2 Results Show Record Gains

Nvidia has announced its Q2 financial results, showing record sales up 36 percent over the previous year, and strong 99 percent profit gains, attributed to strong performance in its GeForce product line and Nvidia's ongoing strategy to extend the reach of
Nvidia has reported its Q208 financial results, showing a record 36 percent increase in sales to $935.3 million, versus $687.5 in the same quarter the previous year. Profits also showed record-breaking gains for the graphics processing tech company at $172.7 million, a 99 percent increase over the second quarter of the year prior. Looking at the first half of Nvidia's fiscal year, sales have increased 30 percent to a record $1.78 billion, up from $1.37 billion the year prior, and profits similarly rose to $305.0 million from the previous year. Nvidia highlighted several key factors in their Q208 results, particularly record revenue growth in both its GeForce desktop (37 percent) and notebook (129 percent) product lines, and leading share in five GPU categories: Total Standalone (66 percent), Total Desktop Standalone (65 percent), DirectX 9 (64 percent) DirectX 10 (75 percent) and Total Notebook Standalone (68 percent). Nvidia also highlighted the launch of several key product lines: The GeForce 8m Series GPUs, its Tesla product line focused on high-performance computing, its 650i SLI motherboard selected by Maximum PC Dream Machine 2007, and its G8X-based notebook CPUs. "Our ongoing strategy to extend the reach of the GPU is paying off," said Nvidia president and CEO Jen-Hsun Huang. "There is a fast-growing universe of applications that rely on the processing capability of the GPU, from 3D design and styling tools, video and photo editing software, 3D maps, and video games, to the user interfaces of the Mac and Vista."

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