AmBX To Support PlayStation 3

"Sensory surround" technology maker AmBX now has a tools and middleware license agreement with Sony that will let developers add its hardware-supported light, rumble and airflow effects to games for the PlayStation 3 console.
"Sensory surround" technology maker AmBX now has a tools and middleware license agreement with Sony that will bring its light, rumble and airflow effects to PlayStation 3 games. AmBX allows developers to add hardware-supported special effects to games, and the company recently announced a free SDK with test tools and examples to help them get started. Originally developed for use with PC titles, AmBX now works with a variety of licensed peripherals. The company says its new agreement with Sony will help mark the growth of its "ambient experiences technology" into the worldwide game market. According to the company, it's already licensed its technology to content developers and publishers "in the gaming sector," although its announcement doesn't specify whether PS3 devs are already working with AmBX. "This is a major milestone in the development of AmBX as a ubiquitous standard for entertainment sensory experiences," says AmBX chief marketing officer Jo Cooke. "AmBX has already proved incredibly popular and successful within the PC games, music, movies and apps markets and the Tools & Middleware License agreement with SCEI will allow us to bring amazing light, rumble, sound and air movement experiences to game users."

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