EA Access is launching on PlayStation 4

Electronic Arts has announced plans to bring its subscription game library EA Access to PlayStation 4, though signing up won’t grant players access to the same service on other platforms.

Electronic Arts has announced plans to bring its subscription service EA Access to PlayStation 4, opening the previously Xbox One-only service up to players on Sony’s rival platform.

The move comes months after EA CEO Andrew Wilson teased plans to bring the service to “another major platform” along with saying that the company believes subscription and streaming services “will be transformative to the future of gaming.”

The PlayStation 4 flavor of EA Access is mostly identical to its Xbox One predecessor in offerings. Players have the option of paying a $4.99 monthly fee or a $29.99 yearly fee to access early trials of upcoming EA releases, a 10 percent discount on some purchases, and a library of previous EA releases. The service is set to go live on PlayStation 4 this July. 

One thing worth mentioning about the upcoming subscription is, despite sharing a name with the Xbox One version of the service, EA Access is still a platform-specific subscription. That means that players that sign up on the PlayStation 4 won’t be able to use EA Access features or perks on their Xbox One, or vice versa.

As explained in an interview with Fast Company, the split boils down to “business complexities and technical complexities."

“They all have different terms, and they provide different offerings, and I think as a result, trying to find a one-size-fits-all solution from a business standpoint–which you sort of need if you’re going to buy a subscription on Sony and play it somewhere else–is not an easy problem to figure out,” Origin and EA Access SVP and GM Mike Blank tells the publication.

The company has a similar difference in place for the existing Xbox One and PC versions of their subscription service, a clear divide made slightly more apparent by the fact that the Xbox One version is called EA Access while the PC version is called Origin Access.

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