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LIGHTSPEED STUDIOS Outlines Vision for Future of Game Development

At GDC 2024, LIGHTSPEED STUDIOS showcased its work in pioneering the future of game development, proven by its work in R&D, innovative IP including Last Sentinel, and global collaboration.

April 15, 2024

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LIGHTSPEED STUDIOS Vice President and head of Lightspeed LA, Steve C. Martin presents at GDC 2024

At the Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2024, LIGHTSPEED STUDIOS showcased its vision for the future of game development, highlighting the company’s progress in R&D, innovative new IP, and commitment to sourcing a global, collaborative team.

Following the development of the widely acclaimed PUBG MOBILE, LIGHTSPEED STUDIOS continued to challenge the status quo with the ambitious open-world survival game Undawn, and the recently launched NBA Infinite, a nonstop PVP action experience that invites players to collect NBA stars and create their own NBA legacy.

A Glimpse into LIGHTSPEED's Vision at GDC 2024

The GDC 2024 spotlight illuminated LIGHTSPEED STUDIOS’ contributions and future aspirations within the gaming industry that set new standards for immersive and technologically advanced gaming experiences, and ensure its titles are benchmarks for the industry’s potential.


Central to the studio's presentations was an exploration of the intricate processes and innovative technologies that underpin the development of today’s AAA titles, such as:

  • The creation of user and developer friendly cross-DCC animation pipelines

  • High performance UE5 mobile rendering

  • Next-Gen character creation pipelines powered by machine learning

  • Mastering cross-cultural collaboration in game development

LIGHTSPEED also shared insights into the development journey of Last Sentinel, as LIGHTSPEED STUDIOS Vice President and head of Lightspeed LA, Steve C. Martin, outlined the studio’s collaborative and forward-thinking approach to game creation and team building that enables original, sustainable, and innovative AAA game development. Steve’s session covered the current state of the AAA industry and Lightspeed LA’s founding to create an ambitious next-generation experience for its debut title.

LIGHTSPEED STUDIOS Sets Sights on AAA Development

Following the success of acclaimed mobile titles including PUBG MOBILE, LIGHTSPEED STUDIOS showed its commitment to expand into the AAA development arena, with the creation of wholly original, cross-platform AAA experiences. LIGHTSPEED STUDIOS founded a new studio to focus on these titles, Lightspeed LA, led by industry veteran, Steve C. Martin, who brings over 25 years of experience in creating groundbreaking games and leading diverse, global teams. Steve is previously known for his work on critically acclaimed and top selling titles such as Grand Theft Auto V, Red Dead Redemption, and Need for Speed Underground. The Lightspeed LA team is a global development group filled with deep experience and expertise that includes work on acclaimed AAA titles like The Last of Us, Jedi: Fallen Order, and Uncharted.


LIGHTSPEED STUDIOS is dedicated to long-term innovation and development in the AAA space. With over 50 game products launched in over 200 countries and regions, LIGHTSPEED STUDIOS has laid the groundwork for investing in and building truly original, next-generation console and PC experiences.

"We have learned a lot about game development and R&D in our work with mobile titles, and we will continue to develop industry-leading experiences in this space,” said Jerry Chen, President of LIGHTSPEED STUDIOS. “We’re excited to build upon our mobile experience and invest in establishing ourselves as a leader in the AAA and console space as well.”

Embracing Global Talent and Strategic Ambitions

LIGHTSPEED STUDIOS has embarked on an ambitious journey, committing to push the boundaries of the industry through innovations in research and development, global collaboration, and cross-platform development.

With 10 global offices and two US-based studios, global expansion and diversification is at the core of LIGHTSPEED’s global talent acquisition approach. By actively recruiting talent from across the globe and expanding its operational footprint, LIGHTSPEED STUDIOS aims to establish itself as a leader across a variety of gaming genres. This strategy is about more than just enhancing development capabilities; it’s about enriching the studio’s projects with a broad spectrum of perspectives and fostering innovation through diversity, collaboration, and creativity.


LIGHTSPEED STUDIOS is investing heavily in talent, research, and development to ensure it continues to build a legacy of creative, innovative, and diverse experiences across platforms.

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