Post E3: Full Gamasutra E3 Coverage Archive Available

Though Gamasutra's live coverage of last week's Electronics Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles has now concluded, a full Gamasut...
Though Gamasutra's live coverage of last week's Electronics Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles has now concluded, a full Gamasutra E3 archive of features, interviews, and news from the week is still available for anyone who may have been at the show, and unable to follow our extensive write-ups. One of the highlights included a near-canonical panel on world markets, in which analysts including Wedbush Morgan's Michael Pachter, Screen Digest's David MacQueen, NPD's Anita Frazier, and KBC's Hiroshi Kamide provided a definitive world game market overview, including looks at the U.S., European, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese video game markets. Other notable panels were on the future of design with Suda51 and Tim Willits, and on cracking the creativity code with innovators from Electronic Arts, Ubisoft Montreal, Harmonix, and Sony Computer Entertainment American, as well as discussion on 'the inner game', with luminaries such as Peter Molyneux, Louis Castle, and Tetsuya Mizuguchi discussing how successes are made and failures spawned in the game biz, and a panel on 'franchise power', with Ubisoft, Infinity Ward, and Electronic Arts representatives talking about keeping franchises fresh. The full Gamasutra E3 coverage page also includes interviews with notable business leaders and developers from Nintendo, Q? Entertainment, Atlus, and many more, and a canonical Gamasutra feature compiling the original coverage into themed sections will be available later today for posterity reasons.

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