Nexon's KartRider Enters U.S. Open Beta

Nexon America has announced the official kickoff of the U.S. open beta for KartRider, the online PC multiplayer racing and customization game that has already achieved strong success in Asia, with 30 percent of the South Korean population reportedl
Gamasutra sister 'online worlds' site Worlds in Motion recently spoke in-depth with Nexon America's Min Kim, who among many topics discussed KartRider, the multiplayer online racing game which is in closed beta ahead of its move to U.S. shores. Now the company has released an official announcement on the matter -- Nexon America has given the green light for KartRider open beta testing, starting October 2nd. KartRider features cartoon-style kart racing with a variety of personal customization options for character personalities and cars, with the gameplay oriented for bite-sized sessions, a mechanic increasingly called for in appealing to casual audiences. There is already a very serious overseas userbase for KartRider, though -- Nexon says over 30% of the South Korean population has played the 'free to play, pay for items' PC game before, as the firm is in the vanguard of successful online games in that Asian market. KartRider's open beta will offer a choice of several characters and multiple race courses; beta testers can have two different carts, paint jobs and license plate modifications, and a "My Garage" feature that lets users socialize with friends, show off their kart modifications and check out new pit stop items. Open beta testers can also try different single and team race modes including "item mode," which featuries the use of creative items used to gain an edge, and "speed mode," a test of driving skill focusing solely on speed and drift.

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