Marvel's Lambros Talks EA Fighting Game, Reissue Possibilities

As part of an in-depth new interview on Gamasutra, Marvel's new VP of interactive media Justin Lambros has been discussing Electronic Arts' new Marvel-lice
As part of an in-depth new interview on Gamasutra, Marvel's new VP of interactive media Justin Lambros has been discussing Electronic Arts' new Marvel-licensed fighting game, also referencing his wish to see classic titles such as Marvel Vs. Capcom reincarnated for digital download. The new fighting game, which uses large arenas with major destructive elements, and was recently unveiled in video form on SpikeTV's 'Game Head' TV show, is still relatively under wraps, but Lambros does note of the title: "It’s all Marvel characters, all the time, and it’s really rebooting a big franchise. But it’s keeping to the roots of what those guys do. One-on-one fighting. And that’s really the core. And that’s probably where the similarities to [previous title Marvel Nemesis] end... We haven’t announced the character list yet, but there’s the big stalwarts that you wanna play as, the cornerstones of the universe." Lambros continued of the game, which is being developed at EA Chicago under Fight Night producer Kudo Tsunoda: "It’s been really cool; I’ve been working with them on the character lists and stuff, and they had a really clear idea on the combat and what they wanna do with it. And so the character list has evolved based on that, and so they really put characters that fit in with this mechanic instead of shoehorning people in and having to stop [using] a power this person has, or change [something]." In addition, when discussing the classic 2D fighting games using Marvel characters, Gamasutra asked if there was a possibility of them (Marvel Superheroes and Marvel Vs. Capcom, among others) appearing on Xbox Live Arcade or other console digital download services - to which Lambros replied: "Yeah, those are among my all time favorites. I’m a huge 2D fighting fan... the Marvel Vs. Capcom stuff has a definite close place in my heart, so we definitely wanna see that stuff live on." However, it appears that Marvel does not yet have any concrete deals in place to re-issue classic Marvel-licensed titles on such services - though they may now be considering it. The full Gamasutra interview on the subject also includes Lambros discussing possible staffing-up for internal game projects at Marvel, as well as other upcoming Marvel game titles from Iron Man and Hulk through Spider-Man: Friend Or Foe, with in-depth comments from the Marvel VP.

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