Majesco Announces Eco Creatures: Save The Forest For DS

Majesco Entertainment (Cooking Mama, Zoo Hospital) has announced an "eco-friendly" real-time strategy game for Nintendo DS which aims to promote awareness of environmental issues; players manage armies of woodland creatures who can save the forest
Majesco Entertainment (Cooking Mama, Zoo Hospital) has announced Eco Creatures: Save the Forest, a real-time strategy game based on ecological themes like deforestation, pollution, global warming and industrialization, slated for an early 2008 release on Nintendo DS. Co-developed by Lightweight Co. Ltd. and Headlock Corporation, Eco Creatures tasks players with defending the Mana Woods against environmental perils; Majesco says the game aims to promote awareness of environmental issues. Players use the touch screen to control Ecolis, Ecoby and Ecomon -- units of woodland creatures that, if properly managed and nurtured according to their skill set, can protect the land from pollution and revitalize the woodlands. Additionally, Eco Creatures' "Land Make" feature lets players build and play their own maps. The eco-friendly RTS also supports two-player play via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, and up to four players via single card download play or ad-hoc multi-card play. “Eco Creatures is distinctive in its ability to weave meaningful issues into a fun video game experience that makes the player a champion for the environment,” said Ken Gold, Majesco's vice president of marketing.

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