Game Developers Conference 2010 Reveals Online Preview Guide

Organizers of GDC 2010 have unveiled this year's 24-page conference Preview Guide, with essential information about the premier game development industry trade show this Mar
Organizers of the Game Developers Conference 2010 have unveiled this year's 24-page magazine-style Preview Guide, detailing essential information about the premier game development industry trade show. Now freely available online in a digital format, the guide provides a plethora of easily digestable information on the event, which is being held March 9 to 13 in San Francisco's Moscone Center. This includes pass specifics, overviews of featured speakers, session and summit highlights, specifics on parties, receptions, and lobby bars, and a list of exhibitors for GDC's Expo floor. The guide also reveals what the GDC audience derives from the show. In a survey of GDC 2009 attendees, 75 percent said they gained new insight into their competition, 72 percent met a new useful industry contact, and 76 percent brought home specific ideas for their game. Overall, 80 percent of attendees found the show to be worth the money. Also included in the Preview Guide is a practical visual schedule of GDC 2010's week-long session lineup, specifics on sponsored tutorials and sessions, highlights of the various discipline-specific Summits and Main Conference session tracks, and an alphabetical list of show speakers and their employers. "This year's GDC is set to inspire and ignite new ideas that challenge us into new and even higher levels," reads the guide's preface by GDC director Meggan Scavio. "We have a week-long set of inspirational speeches and technical talks that will give you a real insight into the future of the gaming world." The full GDC 2010 digital Preview Guide is now available for free browsing and downloading, and is also accessible via the official Game Developers Conference website, which includes comprehensive session listings and registration information.

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