Emote Receives $8 Million Investment

UK-based game industry production company Emote Games has announced it has received a £4 million ($8 million) investment from venture capital firm Electra Quoted, which it will use to grow the profiles of its game investments, maximizing IP exposure and p
UK-based production company Emote Games, who invests in cross-platform game development, announced it has received a £4 million ($8 million) investment from venture Capital firm Electra Quoted. Emote says it will use this initial investment to fund organic growth and its game industry investment portfolio, adding that Electra Quoted has also undertaken to make further funds available throughout the companies’ growth strategy. Emote works with brand owners and developers to grow IP and to improve the risk-versus-return profile of game investments, by exploiting viable publishing opportunities and maximizing a game's exposure. Emote says it focuses on the challenges inherent in the transition from retail to download and from hardware to virtual publishing platforms. Emote says it will build the business through strategic partnerships and a balanced mix of projects based on established and emergent intellectual property, adding that they are looking to acquire brand and development partners to fulfill their production capacity. “Amid the rapid convergence of entertainment types in a maturing download market, the time is right for the introduction of the production based model, said Morgan O’Rahilly, CEO of Emote. "We are looking to assist our partners in exploiting their IP both operationally and financially. This initial investment from Electra Quoted Management will enable us to deliver our strategy and take advantage of these current market opportunities."

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