Best Of GamerBytes: From Classic Game Room To New Goodness

We round up the top console digital download news of the last week from sister console digital download site GamerBytes, looking at Game Room's debut plus info on new titles from Twisted Pixel and Gaijin Games.
[We round up the top console digital download news of the last week from sister console digital download site GamerBytes, including brand-new game announcements and scoops from the world of Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, WiiWare, PSP Minis and DSiWare.] Well, what a busy week this has been for the console digital download space!. The announcement of the Game Room on Xbox Live is a huge step in adding more digital content to the Xbox 360. As a young man who was born in 1985, this will be a far better way for me to learn of those games from the past than a compilation - I'll actually give each one of these a go. Who knows, there might be some gems in there that'll make an HD comeback someday. We've also seen specifics on new digital store releases across Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony, plus info on the new titles from Twisted Pixel and Gaijin Games -- neat stuff. Here are the top stories across the last seven days: Store Updates XBLA Update - Matt Hazard, Cheap Kingdom For Keflings NA PSN Store Update - Matt Hazard, PAIN DLC EU PSN Store Update - Matt Hazard, Military Madness, Magic Orbz DLC And More NA Nintendo Update - Trajectile, Final Fight 3, Fast Draw Showdown And More EU Nintendo Update - Stop Stress, Shadow Dancer, Rollway Puzzle And More Microsoft (Xbox Live Arcade, Game Room, Xbox Live Indies) CES 2010: Microsoft Reveals Game Room - 1,000 Arcade Classics Over 3 Years I challenge you to a duel of Yar's Revenge. More Details About Microsoft's Game Room Some things you may not know about Game Room. An Early Look At Twisted Pixel's Comic Jumper Spike TV show reveals a single second of Twisted Pixel's new game. Sony (PlayStation Network, PSN Minis) The Making Of Explodemon! It all started with a copy of Game Maker and Pulseman sprites. Trailer: Block Cascade Fusion (Gamelion) Lumines meets Puzzle Fighter on Minis. Nintendo (WiiWare, DSiWare) First Screenshot of BIT.TRIP Runner Gaijin Games reveals its next title in the BIT TRIP series. Trailer: Chronos Twin DX (EnjoyUp) EnjoyUp announces that its WiiWare follow up to their Europe-only NDS title Chronos Twin DX will be available next week in North America.

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