Mario & Sonic Claim Gold Again In UK Charts

Nintendo and Sega co-production Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games has returned to the top of the UK game sales charts once again, in a quiet week whose only new entries are Midway’s Game Party for Wii and Cooking Mama 2 for DS.
Nintendo and Sega co-production Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games has returned to the top of the UK sales charts once again, although this time it is the Nintendo DS version – following its debut last week. The Wii version is again out of stock in UK stores, falling completely out of the top forty and accounting only for 7 percent of overall sales of the title. In a slower period for new releases, the highest new entry of the week is Midway’s mini-game compendium Game Party for the Wii at number ten. The rest of the top ten is relatively unchanged from the previous week, with the only other newcomer being Professor Kageyama's Maths Training, which rises eight places to number seven. The only other new entry of the week is Taito’s Cooking Mama 2 at number twenty-six – published in the UK by 505 Games. The bottom of the chart is also filled with a number of re-entries on the Nintendo DS and Wii, such as MySims and Mario Kart DS, as stock for both systems remains at its most stable for months. Overall there are fifteen Nintendo DS titles in the top forty, with nine for the Wii, eight for the PlayStation 3, seven for the Xbox 360, one for the PC and zero for the PlayStation 2 and PSP.
12Mario & Sonic at the Olympic GamesSegaDS
21Devil May Cry 4Capcom360
33Wii PlayNintendoWii
47Dr Kawashima's Brain TrainingNintendoDS
64Devil May Cry 4CapcomPS3
715Professor Kageyama's Maths TrainingNintendoDS
810More Brain Training from Dr KawashimaNintendoDS
10NEGame PartyMidwayWii

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