News Adds Metaversatility Interview, Atlas Milestone

Game Developer Research-affiliated online worlds weblog has added a new interview with online world builder Metaversatility, also reaching a mileston
Game Developer Research affiliated online worlds weblog has added a new interview with online world builder Metaversatility, also reaching a milestone of ten worlds surveyed in its Online World Atlas. The Metaversatility interview chats to the company's creative director Matt Daly about the "...full-scale development and consultation company with a specific focus on virtual worlds. While it works extensively with parent Makena, they also develop for the Second Life platform, and will be working with clients on developing for other platforms, like IBM’s Multiverse." As an example of the kind of design and implementation work currently taking off in online worlds: "Most recently, Metaversatility built the latest in-world marketing campaign for the Toyota Scion in There, creating and helping conceptualize the design of the three Scion models as large-scale clubs whose interiors users could explore." In addition, the ten online worlds surveyed by WorldsInMotion as part of an upcoming series of research reports on the subject are now listed in the Online World Atlas, and include titles such as MapleStory, as well as a profile for Sherwood Dungeon and the most recently-added profile, for Whyville. Earlier popular profile for worlds such as Club Penguin and Disney's Toontown are also still available. will continue to report daily on virtual worlds, as it compiles information on this increasingly important market, with more information on research and related announcements due in the next few weeks.

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