Webzen America Adds Key Personnel

Webzen America, the North America arm of Seoul, Korea-based MMO firm Webzen, has announced new appointments from veterans of Midway, Activision, Turbine, and Vivendi, as it continues to expand aggressively into the Western market.
Webzen America, the North America arm of Seoul, Korea-based Webzen, announced today that it has appointed four new individuals to key positions as it continues to expand aggressively into the Western market. The appointments follow recent news from Webzen America last April, when it appointed Sony Online Entertainment exec Cindy Armstrong as the chief executive officer of the company's North American operations. New appointments include Michael Morrison as the company’s senior director of information technology, Tim Hesse as its senior producer of the MMOG Huxley, and Tim Holman as the senior producer of the MMOGs Soul of the Ultimate Nation and Points Bulletin (APB). In addition, Serene Chan has also joined the company as senior brand manager of Soul of the Ultimate Nation. Serving as the new senior director of information technology, and formerly at Vivendi Universal Games, Michael Morrison will oversee, manage and coordinate the future development, operation and maintenance of Webzen America’s information systems. In addition, Morrison will also lead the external online and server operations of Webzen America’s MMOGs. As senior producer, former Activision and Infogrames staffer Tim Hesse will work directly with Webzen’s in-house developers in the design and development of Unreal 3 Engine-powered Huxley, while new senior producer Former Turbine producer Tim Holman will manage the localization and culturalization of Soul of the Ultimate Nation through development, launch and ongoing service. He will also work closely with developer Real Time Worlds to bring APB to North America. Lastly, former senior product manager of Midway Home Entertainment Serene Chan's focus as the company's new brand manager will be on bringing Soul of the Ultimate Nation to North America. "Webzen America continues to attract top industry talents who have the skill set and experience to successfully launch, operate and support the company’s first products in the North American marketplace," said Cindy Armstrong, chief executive officer, Webzen America. "The company's leading technology, creative artistry and innovative new video game brands and designs make it one of the most exciting new companies to work for in the U.S. games industry."

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