BYOND Strategy Tech Tree: 140

I was beat down and I like it! (Tech Tree is a list of links about developer activity in BYOND Strategy, a guild run by unpaid volunteers on a game/development portal and software engine called BYOND.)

Congratulations to JustinP231 for knocking my Wrangle, Warp And Weep score of 127,757 down to a far second!  He scored 652,893 and claims to be aiming for a million.  I created the game and I'm thrilled. =)

Congratulations also go to Brigitte Dale for winning the final election of SAM-e's Good Mood Gig Talent Search.  Granted, it only counts for 20% of the decision.  That's kind of like the internet uniting and only managing to form a single lion of Voltron.  I hope she gets the job.

Tech Tree is a list of links about developer activity in BYOND Strategy, a guild run by unpaid volunteers on a game/development portal and software engine called BYOND.  Those curious about notes or YouTube videos I've cut out can view the original version.

In the comments of last week's Tech Tree, Calus CoRPS/ explained the fate of his turn-based tactical fantasy, Fortay:

The isometric update will be released no later than January. Interface and other small suggestions are always welcomed.

Balancing these units have always been difficult, I'm thinking that implementing XML, which would allow customizable units by the host, could be a good idea. Along with that, the host could create new and unique units. But, I quit working on this game programming-wise a while back, and I highly doubt I'll return.

Other than that, I am no longer going to produce updates for the game unless a bug needs to be fixed.

I took the opportunity to nag Acebloke about his featured boardgame, Exploder, and received the following reply:

XD I'm rearranging the interface now, I've made it cleaner, I just haven't changed the actual icons yet (sorryyyyy XD).

I might have to do some more checking of the Elo system (which I believe is working fine now), and I'll also consider whether I should include medals or not.

Then I'm done with it.

Meanwhile, Acebloke is celebrating the creation of his score aggregate, AceMedalTable, with a contest.  Whoever gains the most points by January 1st will win a 3 month subscription to one of his games.  Wargames and Wargames2 are among the prizes.

In non-BYOND news, Acebloke also released a mod for Hearts of Iron III, by Paradox.

Mechanos7 updated his turn-based tactical fantasy, Riverside.  I have not played it yet myself so I'm not sure what was changed.  However, there's now a screenshot on the hub page so I at least know what it looks like.

Falacy released a couple more screenshots from the next version of his treasure defense game, Gold Guardians.  When can it be expected and what else will it include?  I have no clue.

Ganing announced the creation of yet another base defense game.  However, this time it's a neon side scroller.  Promising that his games will be completed, he also mentioned that there will be one last update of Seika SE while Halloween: Terror is on hold.

Xuiryus announced that he is working on a small scale TCG with a little free-roaming.  Intended as a parody of franchises like Yu-Gi-Oh along with various bits of pop culture, "it'll be a very serious game, like a multi-coloured machine gun fun to look at but still very very serious."

Xuiryus is able to create the art, but the project is still looking for a programmer.

F0lak is intrigued by the notion of creating an RTS in the world of his RPG, Hazordhu.  Players will be able to earn economic, diplomatic, technological, or military victories with four different races.

Geldonyetich could be merging the three faction experiences of his Vehicle Wars project.  Pilots of upgradeable vehicles would eventually gain the ability to command multiple units to participate in an RTS/building simulation.  Players would all be of the Terran faction.  Aliens and Natives would be NPCs.

However, Geldonyetich appears to be putting the project on hiatus until he has a better feel for the development process.

I released an interface update for my territorial dispute, Occupied Forces.  Most of the changes are rather minor, but I believe they made the game less confusing overall.  Granted, I'm still thinking of doing another version where I stop myself from placing color-coded icons everywhere.  They're nice on the map, but they make the rest of the interface look like a circus tent.

Fooldom Come: One subscription. Many games.

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