about to start 2nd month of game programming @ Full Sail

Getting ready for calculus and Programming I

Well tomorrow i start my second month at full sail. I'll be taking calculus and trigonometry mondays and wednesdays and Windows Programming I on tuesdays, thursdays and saturdays. Calc and Trig from 9am - 5pm and Programming from 5:15 to 1 am. Really looking forward to the classes, this is when the program starts to get interesting and challenging and we really start getting the idea of what we are going to be doing the rest of the time here and on the real world. On Calculus and Trig were going to be covering topics like limits, tangents, derivatives and integrals. Now, I've never taken any math higher than geometry at school but I've been studying a lot of calculus and trig, I hope it was enough to at least make me familiar with the topics that are going to be discussed in class. It going to be very intense for the next month, we are going to have only 8 sessions including the test so I'm sure it will make or brake us. For Programming I, it will be a little more challenging for me becuase I've never programmed anything in my life, so we'll see how much I really want this.


Please feel free to write with any questions or comments about the program or  Full Sail University in general.


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