Stadia announces & launches its next big feature: A search bar

Stadia is rolling out a handful of changes to its interface, including an updated library IO, sorting options, and a search bar on Stadia for Web.

Since launch, Stadia has been defined by a slow rollout of new features as time goes by. Those additions include some features teased ahead of launch like Click to Play, which arrived last July, and today's announcement that Stadia is adding a search bar to its store.

The new addition is already showing up for some Stadia users and Google's Stadia team says that the rest should see the flashy new search bar by the end of this week.

That blog post, found here, shares that the addition will "make finding your favorite games much easier", but instead this announcement has really ended up highlighting how odd it is that it took nearly two years for Stadia's library to include a basic feature that most people would've expected at launch.

The search bar isn't the only new addition however. Stadia users will also notice an updated UI and new sorting options for their Stadia game libraries.

The blog also shares info on a new activity feed the team hopes to launch in the future.

"Your activity feed on Stadia lets you show off your best video captures and helps friends find your game states with State Share," explains the blog. "You'll also be able to explore content from other players to find your next favorite game."

The activity feed itself seems like a welcome addition to Stadia, especially given how its State Share compatability could bolster the low-friction game discovery promise that Stadia built itself upon ahead of launch. Unfortunately, the team doesn't have exact dates or a launch window to share for that new feature quite yet, but did share the below image to illustrate what a Stadia activity feed could look like.

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