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Story Kitchen teams with Dreamworks Animation to adapt video games to film and TV

Story Kitchen plans to work with Dreamworks on making hit games into animated movies and shows.

Justin Carter, Contributing Editor

May 6, 2024

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Video games' transmedia prospects just grew with a new deal between Story Kitchen and Dreamworks Animation.

Per Deadline, the Kung Fu Panda studio has a first-look option on any game-based animated movie Story Kitchen works on. It falls to the production company to "secure exciting, iconic video game IP" to be adapted.

Already, Story Kitchen is working on a live-action Dredge film and Vampire Survivors animated series. They aren't included in this, but still speak to the studio's ability to find properties ripe for adaptation.

No specific projects are being made currently, but Deadline said the announcements are coming. Story Kitchen's noted projects as of late include an adaptation of It Takes Two for Amazon, Lionsgate's Streets of Rage movie, and Netflix's Tomb Raider anime.

In a statement, Story Kitchen wrote it was "incredibly excited to work with DreamWorks Animation as our first -official- film partner, since [we] launched in 2022."

It's a transmedia world, we're just living in it

While Story Kitchen reportedly has nothing in the works right now, the larger entertainment business still has its eyes on games.

Along with shows for Fallout and The Last of Us, series for Gears of War, Grounded, Among Us, God of War, and The Medium are among those in the works.

Movie-wise, expected games include BioShock, Days Gone, Gravity Rush, and Ghost of Tsushima.

High-profile adaptations like Fallout and The Last of Us have been rewarded with extra sales or attention on the most recent games. The system makes itself: play a game, watch its adaptation, then play it again, or an entry you missed the first time.

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