Report: Madden Lead Departs EA Tiburon

Consumer site is reporting that Madden NFL lead producer has departed EA Tiburon, citing family reasons, and his role at the helm of the key franchise will be taken up by EA Tiburon producer Phil Frazier.
Madden NFL lead producer David Ortiz has left developer EA Tiburon, reportedly citing family reasons. Analysts have called the Madden franchise the 'crown jewel' of the Tiburon studio, which produces all of Electronic Arts' sports titles. An EA spokesperson confirmed Ortiz's departure to consumer site, who added speculation on rumors that Ortiz had grown "frustrated with the inner workings of the studio." According to the report, Ortiz's role will be assumed by EA Tiburon producer Phil Frazier, who will take the helm of Madden development. The annual franchise helped drive a record $1.5 billion in sales during the 2007 holiday quarter for EA. An EA spokesperson told 1UP, "David's been a valuable part of our team at EA Tiburon, and we wish him the best. Dale Jackson, an EA veteran for more than a decade, continues to lead the Madden NFL development team."

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