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Manor Lords tops 1 million sales after netting 3.2 million wishlists

King of the castle.

Chris Kerr, News Editor

April 29, 2024

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Key artwork for Manor Lords featuring a character on a horse casting their gaze over a medieval settlement
Image via Hooded Horse

Medieval strategy title Manor Lords sold over 1 million copies within 24 hours of making its Steam Early Access debut. The title landed on Steam on April 26, 2024, and surpassed that milestone the very next day.

Publisher Hooded Horse explained Manor Lords topped 170,000 concurrent players on Steam over the weekend, with SteamDB estimating it delivered a peak of 173,178 concurrent players.

Manor Lords is strategy smorgasbord that features in-depth city building, economic and social simulations, and large-scale battles.

Hooded Horse claims the game has become the most wishlisted project on Steam with over 3.2 million player wishlists, but recently told many of those eager players to consider waiting for the full release before diving in.

"Please, don't feel any pressure to buy the game if waiting is better for you. If money is tight right now or you're still uncertain, we'll run those 25 percent discounts often and give you plenty of opportunities to get the game later as well, no one should feel any fear of missing out or any kind of pressure," reads a statement shared by the publisher on launch day.

"Or if you'd just rather wait some time and jump in later after some patches and updates have come out, that's fine–Early Access isn't for everyone, if you check back later the game will just keep getting better and better. We want you to make the right decision for you, without any pressure or rush of any kind."

Manor Lords is the brainchild of developer Slavic Magic and is expected to remain in early access for around a year. The full version will incorporate community feedback gathered during that early access window.

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