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Resident Evil 4 Remake shambles to 5 million copies sold

Capcom's survival horror remake shows no signs of slowing down, sales wise.

Justin Carter, Contributing Editor

July 20, 2023

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Key art for Capcom's Resident Evil 4 Remake of Leon S. Kennedy.

The success of Resident Evil 4 Remake continues, as Capcom revealed it's sold over 5 million copies. 

Since its late March release, the newest remake of the classic 2005 game has been a critical and sales hit. It first sold 3 million units in a handful of days, and 4 million within two weeks. Its success helped contribute to Capcom reaching its highest-ever Tokyo Stock Exchange share price in its 43-year history.

As it stands, Resident Evil 4 Remake continues to have the quickest success of the franchise's remakes so far. 2019's Resident Evil 2 Remake sold 5 million units by the end of the year (following its release that January), and the Resident Evil 3 Remake in 2020 reportedly did nearly 4 million by the end of that year. 

Capcom plans to continue the game's long tail with a free downloadable VR mode for the PlayStation VR2.

Resident Evil 4 isn't Capcom's only winner this year

Even taking the success of Resident Evil 4 Remake out of consideration, 2023 has been a very good year for Capcom. 

June's Street Fighter 6 hit 1 million players in its opening weekend, and 1 million sales not long after. At the start of July, it had sold 2 million copies, and is now one-fifth of the way to Capcom's internal sales projection of 10 million lifetime sales.

In April, its remasters of the Mega Man Battle Network games sold 1 million copies in two weeks of release. That's particularly notable since, even though they're re-releases, they're also the first Mega Man games in 3-5 years.

Last month, Capcom boasted that Monster Hunter Rise has topped 13 million sales since its Nintendo Switch release in 2021. This doesn't take its Sunbreak expansion into account, which sold 6 million units on its own.

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