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Poncle's gothic roguelike joins the horde of games jumping over to other mediums.

Justin Carter, Contributing Editor

April 28, 2023

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Key art for Poncle's Vampire Survivors.

You can now add Poncle's Vampire Survivors to the ever-growing list of video game adaptations. Deadline reports that 2022's hit bullet hell game has been picked up by production company Story Kitchen to become a "premium" animated TV series in a partnership with the game's director, Luca Galante.

At time of writing, the game has only been out six months, making this one of the quickest transitions from game-to-show yet.

Vampire Survivors released its official 1.0 version in October 2022 and quickly took off with players and critics alike. In its launch month, it was Steam's most-played game, and received a mobile version not long after coming to Xbox and PC. 

At time of writing, the adaptation will be shopped around to multiple TV networks, and the search for a writer is currently underway. 

Just games being movies, what's better than this?

The news comes just a day after Capcom revealed directors Michael and Danny Philippou would be taking the reigns of its new Street Fighter movie. And at large, it shows how video games are to the 2020s what comic books and toys were to the 2010s in Hollywood's eyes. 

Currently, there's many adaptations in the works for big triple-A games like Days Gone to smaller fare such as It Takes Two. The game industry has been here before (remember the planned Infamous movie?), but this adaptation wave feels more real after Super Mario and The Last of Us' adaptations took off big with audiences. 

What this means for the industry at large is currently up in the air, but the effect of this industry co-mingling will make itself known soon enough. 

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