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Gears of War revs up for a live-action film and animated series at Netflix

Will they replace the Netflix sound with a chainsaw revving?

Justin Carter, Contributing Editor

November 7, 2022

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Cover art to The Coalition's Gears 5.

Another Microsoft property is jumping to the small screen treatment, as its Gears of War franchise will be heading to Netflix. The streamer will develop not only a live-action film, but also an "adult animated series."

Of Microsoft's big franchises, Gears of War is perhaps second to Halo in terms of brand recognition. The shooter series (originally developed by Epic Games, now at The Coalition) first released today in 2006, and has sold over 40 million copies. It has also spawned multiple sequels, expanded media, and spinoffs, such as a mobile Funko Pop game. 

Previously, Microsoft and The Coalition have stated numerous times over the years their intention to bring Gears of War to film, but nothing had come of those efforts.

Interestingly, Netflix's announcement openly says there's "potential" for more Gears to release on the streamer, should the film or show be successful. Netflix typically isn't so upfront with plans to continue its shows; last week, it only confirmed that The Sandman would return for a second season after numerous conflicting reports of the show's cancellation. 

Notably, Gears is getting the opportunity to play in both animation and live-action, something only previously afforded on Netflix to The Witcher and its animated film, Nightmare of the Wolf.

Typically, Netflix's video game adaptations have been locked off to a particular medium, and most of them in animation. But the streamer's chosen to split the difference, which indicates that it wants Gears to be a key franchise for its platform.

Netflix is building itself on game adaptations

For those keeping track, Netflix is collecting game franchises both old and recent to adapt and bring in fans of those particular franchises. 

Outside of already-released hits such as League of Legends: Arcane and The Witcherthe streamer recently brought Cyberpunk 2077 to its platform with the Edgerunners anime. That series, developed by Studio Trigger, was so popular that it helped renew interest in the video game it's based on. 

Earlier this year, Netflix also announced its plans to finally bring 2K's BioShock to film after its own prolonged status in development hell. 

Gears of War will serve as the third Xbox franchise to make the jump to television, following Halo from earlier this year and an incoming adaptation of Obsidian Entertainment's Grounded.

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