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WB says Suicide Squad will see its Year 1 roadmap through to the end

Rocksteady's troubled shooter will complete its first tour, but WB's keeping mum on what it'll do with the Squad once that's said and done.

Justin Carter, Contributing Editor

June 11, 2024

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Key art for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League featuring Harley, Deadshoot, King Shark, and Boomerang.
Image via Rocksteady/WB Games.

The future of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is an unknown, but at the very least, it'll finish the road map for its debut year.

Speaking to IGN, a Warner Bros. Games spokesperson said Rocksteady would complete and release the game's post-launch content. Even so, the spokesperson stated WB is "not yet discussing anything that is not announced."

Rocksteady first unveiled the four-season roadmap in January ahead of the game's launch. While only the first has released so far, each season will have a free DLC character and storyline for players to go through.

Last week, a Bloomberg report dug into Squad's troubled development. Writer Jason Schreirer later implied the studio was preparing to provide "barebones support," reportedly a far cry from its original aims.

In that same report, Schreirer noted that Rocksteady was helping with work on a Director's Cut version of Hogwarts Legacy, and potentially pitching a new single-player game to WB.

New squad, same live-service story

Going from free, often sizable DLC updates to ending support is par for the course for troubled live-service games. In the recent era, BioWare's Anthem had two decent-sized updates before the studio closed the door on the game and its hopeful rework.

Last year, the curtain came for Marvel's Avengers, which managed to put out six free post-launch heroes before development ended.

Before its sudden closure last month, Arkane Austin gave Redfall a final update that made the game playable offline. But the studio wasn't able to deliver on the pair of DLC heroes that were part of its allegedly planned roadmap.

On Squad's end, future seasons are said to include anti-heroes like Deathstroke and Mrs. Freeze. But the game's fate seemed sealed when WB commented on its poor sales and PC players were turning cape to go play Batman: Arkham Knight again.

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