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Arkane Austin bids farewell with Redfall's final update

The last update for Redfall closes the book on the vampire shooter and the studio behind it.

Justin Carter, Contributing Editor

May 30, 2024

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Key art for Arkane Austin's 2023 shooter Redfall.
Image via Arkane Austin/Microsoft.

It's official: Arkane Austin is no more, and development on its troubled shooter Redfall is over with its final update.

The update went online earlier today and contains numerous changes to the game to account for its developer's closure. Case in point: it now has an offline mode, the ability to pause in single-player, and streamlined systems.

"We’re thankful for the millions of players who have joined us," wrote Arkane Austin. "From everyone [here], thank you for playing our games and loving our worlds, it’s been an honor to deliver these experiences to you."

Founded in 2006, Arkane Austin was initially formed as a spinoff studio to help establish potential work-for-hire relationships in the US. In 2010, Bethesda approached it to make a stealth-based game in feudal Japan, which became the foundation for 2012's Dishonored.

While Arkane Lyon would later handle Dishonored 2, the Austin team focused on Prey, then Redfall. Prior to its closure, it'd reportedly been at work on a roadmap to rehabilitate the latter game, which faced a tepid reception when it launched last year.

Arkane's staff looks back on the now-fallen Austin team

In light of the studio's closure, creative director Harvey Smith posted a picture featuring some of Arkane Austin's "design values" made while developing the first Dishonored and 2017's Prey.

Some values appear specific to one game or the other, like "assassination" and "grounded sci-fi." Others encompass both, including one that bluntly states: "Fuck ladders."

Styled like motivational posters, Smith said these values "were fun, the team loved them, and they served as a good reminder of the WHYs behind the games we love. If you made any of the games here, we love your work and found some aspect of it deeply inspiring."

Other Arkane Austin staff put out statements of their own. Publishing producer Joe L. thanked Redfall "for everything," saying he "hates that it has to be this way. Happy that this [update] gets to exist."

"Please enjoy the final patch for Redfall," added senior UI artist Sadie Boyd. "So many incredible people worked tirelessly to not only preserve our game with offline mode, but to give our players a proper farewell."

Dinga Bakaba, director of Arkane Lyon who previously criticized
Microsoft closing the Austin team, noted "how much it matters to you all to let fans experience this version of the game. As one of them, I can't wait to get my hands on it!!!"

"Thanks for everything," concluded Smith. "0451 forever." Before signing off, he expressed hope that Redfall's final update would inspire players to be play it "solo or with friends, and try to see it with fresh eyes."

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