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Diablo 3's final season will give it a full single-player experience

Solo in Sanctuary.

Justin Carter, Contributing Editor

August 15, 2023

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Key art for Blizzard Entertainment's Diablo III: Reaper of Souls.

Diablo 3's lifecycle is nearing its end, and Blizzard Entertainment is marking the occasion by giving the game an official single-player mode. The action-RPG's 29th and final season will introduce a "Solo Self Found" mode that will see players attack the Campaign or Adventure Modes all on their own. 

Blizzard explained that single-player has been an oft-requested feature from Diablo 3 players, and its final season was a good opportunity to introduce it. As explained in its blog, players won't get experience bonuses from rolling with a party, nor will they be able to interact with any other players at all.

Diablo III for one

Diablo III can technically be played alone, but the game is built with the internet and multiplayer in mind. Even when playing alone, it requires a constant internet connection, which can be tricky for those with iffy service. And it's just as likely players will cross paths even if they play alone, which breaks the illusion of a solitary affair. 

"This mode will temper you," wrote Blizzard. "In this mode, you’ll have only yourself to rely on. [...] You will be unable to start this mode while in a Party or access Multiplayer aspects of Diablo III." It added that Solo Self is available in the public test period for Patch 2.7.6, which will release shortly before Season 29. 

To create a Solo Self character, players will have the option to make a Solo Hero in the character creation screen. Only the Private Game option will be available, and from the sound of Blizzard's blog, a previously made character cannot be ported over to Solo Self.

Multiplayer doesn't mean always playing with others

There's something to be said for being able to play a "multiplayer" game as a solitary experience. It's especially important for games that are getting up there in age and whose servers are still on, but may not be receiving new players any time soon.

Solo modes, or something equivalent to it, are becoming a more requested feature now due to online games seeing potentially shorter lifecycles than expected. That, and players would often like to experience a title without feeling shackled to its monetization methods.  

Solo Self Mode doesn't magically fix Diablo III's always-online requirements. But at the very least, it offers a new way to play and provides a happy medium between the wants of Blizzard and its audience. 

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