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Destiny 2's transmedia lead Derick Tsai departs Bungie

Tsai's duties at Bungie included helping build out the Destiny franchise's transmedia future, though nothing has come of it quite yet.

Justin Carter, Contributing Editor

April 25, 2023

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Promo art for Bungie's Destiny 2: Lightfall, showing three Guardians, the Witness, and Calus.

Bungie employee Derick Tsai appears to have left the Destiny 2 developer. TheGamePost spotted that Tsai, who's operated as the transmedia head for the sci-fi franchise, has updated his LInkedIn to show he left the studio this past March. 

Tsai joined Bungie in early 2022 with the intent of creating ideas that would "expand Destiny into linear mediums" such as film, TV, and the like. His duties also included establishing relationships with major media companies and creative talent, along with helping chart out the franchise's direction. 

His work also included currently unannounced projects at the Seattle-based studio. One of those projects is reportedly a new take on its old Marathon series, said to be reimagined as an extraction-based shooter.

At his previous jobs, Tsai worked on franchise development for a number of studios, such as HyperX and Universal. A noteworthy part of his resume also includes Riot Games, where he worked as director and producer on several of the developer's animated short films. 

Destiny's expanded media future is secretive, but clearly laid out 

The same month that Tsai joined, Bungie was acquired by Sony. At the time, the PlayStation maker said it would help the studio "expand the Destiny universe," while allowing Bungie to maintain creative control. 

While nothing is officially on the docket as of yet, it wouldn't be entirely surprising to hear that Destiny has a TV show or film in the works. In the series' early days, both games were promoted with flashy live-action commercials, and later comics from Dark Horse to expand its world. 

Not to mention that since it's now technically a PlayStation brand, Sony is naturally going to want to bring Destiny to another medium. The success of the HBO adaptation of The Last of Us, and the incoming shows for God of War and the Horizon franchise (to name a few) show where Sony's ambitions lie. 

With how successful adaptations are starting to become, it likely won't be long before Bungie decodes the engram and announces a Destiny show or film is currently in the works. 

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