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chad Steingraber


Chad got his start in 1995, Chad interning for a Disney studio working on a 2D Duck Dodgers game. In 1996, Chad was hired by DMA Design's new studio in Boulder CO to build baseball stadiums for the N64 game Mike Piazza's Strike Zone (Originally published by GT Interactive). During that time he also worked as a Level Designer for a remake of Hired Guns that was never released. In 1999, Chad relocated to Maryland to work at MicroProse where he began work on X-Com: Alliance as a Level Designer. In 2001, Chad moved a second time to Dallas TX as a Level Designer working on the 3rd person Terminator: Dawn of Fate. After shipping T:DoF, Chad performed a 3 month re-design task for Mission Impossible: Operation Surma. He then went on to design several levels for Terminator: Redemption as the Lead Level Designer for that team. In 2003, Chad relocated to San Diego CA to work for Sammy/Sega as a Senior Game Designer (XBox Live/Multiplayer) for the upcoming FPS -- DarkWatch.

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