Twitter paves way for advertising by changing terms of use

Social networking site could start making money after amending terms of use so advertising can reach its users

Twitter, the popular micro-blogging website, took another step towards making money yesterday by amending its terms of use to allow advertisers to reach its 45 million regular visitors.

The company, founded two years ago, has exploded in popularity but has held back from introducing ways to monetise its internet traffic. Its founders have said they wanted to concentrate on growth and not alienate account holders.

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Users of the service post short messages, limited to 140 characters, and can choose to follow the streams of updates from other users. The service has attracted increasing interest from businesses and marketing companies, keen to make use of its "real time" news value.

Co-founder and chief executive Biz Stone said there were no immediate plans to introduce advertising but the company wanted to "keep our options open".

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