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Sanju Sriram at 2K Games, Andrei Muratov at AWS and Julie Mills at Rockset discuss architectures and best practices for real-time game telemetry.

February 13, 2024

1 Hr View

Date: Feb 28, 2024

Duration: 1 Hr

To create and iterate on the most compelling in-game features, gaming companies use real-time game telemetry.

They collect real-time gamer behavior data including game interactions, purchasing behavior, movement, interactions with other users and more to inform game development.

In this free webinar, Sanju Sriram at 2K Games, Andrei Muratov at AWS and Julie Mills at Rockset discuss architectures and best practices for real-time game telemetry. Sanju describes how 2K Games built their architecture on AWS and Rockset to enable:

  • High-volume ingestion and indexing of 80k+ telemetry events per second

  • SQL joins across multiple topics or collections for custom event tracking

  • Real-time event tracking with aggregations and funnel analytics

The webinar will conclude with a live panel discussion on real-time game analytics.


Sanju Sriram, Technical Director, 2K Games

As the Technical Director at 2K Games, Sanju Sriram leads the Telemetry and Push Notification teams, driving innovation in gaming technology. With expertise in optimizing game performance through advanced telemetry systems, she ensures a seamless and immersive gaming experience. As the architect of engaging push notification strategies, Sanju Sriram keeps players connected and excited about the latest gaming updates. A key player in gaming technology, she is committed to innovation and excellence, shaping the future of interactive entertainment.

Andrei Muratov, Business Development and Solutions Lead, AWS

In his 20 years of games industry experience, Andrei has been an artist, producer, game designer, analyst and leader of global analytics teams across mobile, console and web games.  Today, Andrei is the Business Development and Solutions lead for Game Analytics and AI/ML for Games at AWS.  His mission is to develop solutions and enable game developer success with analytics and AIML at all levels of the industry.

Julie Mills, Director of Product Marketing, Rockset

Julie is a director of product marketing at Rockset, a search and analytics database built for the cloud. She partners with gaming companies to understand their technical and business requirements for search, analytics and AI-powered applications on streaming data.

Moderated by:

Alissa McAloon, Publisher, Game Developer

As the Publisher of Game Developer, Alissa McAloon brings a decade of experience in the video game industry and media. When not working in the world of B2B game journalism, Alissa enjoys spending her time in the worlds of immersive sandbox games or dabbling in the occasional TTRPG.


GD LogoSanju Sriram

Technical Director

2K Games

Andrei Muratov

Business Development and Solutions Lead


Julie Mills

Director of Product Marketing


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