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Guide To The Best Mobile Game Development Tools

There are many useful tools to build mobile games, In this article we check which are the top 5 most popular one among game developers

Anish Acharya, Blogger

March 10, 2017

3 Min Read

Since 1973, mobile phones have come a long way, and today besides being used in making calls, these technological marvels are being increasingly used to play high-end games. With mobile game development's rapid increment, the mobile gaming industry has begun to gain a foothold. Mobile game development is increasing at an incredible rate, while the growth of the console gaming is stagnating.

Global successes of Candy Crush Saga, Clash of Clans and Puzzle & Dragons have helped to push gaming even further into the mainstream. To create successful games, you will need the right game development tools besides the concept and creativity. These tools are the right engines &software development kits that help developers to focus on the elements of game design such as lighting, sound, and multiplayer communication that make their games unique.

While you can find hundreds of very useful tools for building mobile games, we bring you five most popular ones. 

Company name: Unity Technology

From 2D games to complex 3D action games, Unity game engine continues to be a favorite among developers for its accessibility, dependability and cross-platform capabilities. For mobile, Unity's integrated development environment allows developers to port between all the leading mobile platforms. Unity now also offers a growing selection of services making it a one-stop shop for all your games development needs.
Used in: Super Mario Run, Lara Croft, Monument Valley, Angry Birds 2, Temple Run, Bad Piggies, etc. 

Company name: Chukong Technologies

Cocos2d is an open source game engine that allows developers to utilize their existing C++ and JavaScript knowledge for cross-platform deployment across platforms like iOS, Android, Windows Phone& Mac OS X. Cocos2d-x is fast and easy to use and loaded with powerful features. 
Used in: General Robot Kids Puzzle, Age of Ottoman, Blot: The Rising, etc.

Unreal Engine
Company name: Epic Games

Since 1998 Unreal Engine has come a long way and it has been used in many Windows, consoles and video games. In last few years Unreal Engine has also been adapted for mobile development. Unreal Engine can be utilized for a variety of genres including stealth, MMORPGs, and other RPGs. It includes an integrated Unreal Editor suite, C++ source code as well as direct support from the company's engineering team. 
Used in: O.N.E for Kakao, ARC Squadron Redux, Relics of Gods, Floopy Frog etc. 

Company name: HTML

HTML5 is a framework that helps to build games speeding up the development time. HTML5 offers many JavaScript game engines and frameworks such as Contstruct2, Three.js, Play Canvas, Kick.js. , Minko, Unity 5, Voxel.js. While using HTML5, you don't have to wait for compilation, updates and debugging in real-time. 
Used in:  HexGL, CrossCode, Sketchout, etc.

Company name: Google

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework which lets you make your game more dynamic and responsive. With AngularJS you can use XAML by declaring your UI and placing markup directly in HTML which helps you to keep the presentation and compelling logic in different locations. It represents advanced technology, having the edge over the competitors with the cutting-edge web features and components. 
Used in: 2048 game, Sliding Puzzle, Connect4, etc.

Please let us know which is your favorite tool among the above or do you use something else?


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