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BYOND and Within #19

New suite features, low resolution genders and a new podcast round out the usual collection of niche community updates and previews.

Andre La Barre, Blogger

August 14, 2011

5 Min Read

BYOND has always been built around tile-based environments with grid movement resembling a rogue-like.  However, suite developer Lummox JR recently announced the inclusion of native collision detection for atoms larger than a tile in a manner which will allow for native pixel movement later.  Similar systems have been available through third party libraries for a while, but this should make the features more prevalent.

This edited version of BYOND and Within comes to you from an unpaid volunteer using a game/development portal and software engine called BYOND.  Rather than play suggestions, the column focuses on recent developer activity.

Within BYOND

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of their first release, Silk Games have consolidated the information for their current project under a new blog. Players of the retro MORPG NEStalgia could be seeing AI companions, a gamepad mode and more soon... ish.  For now, check out part one of their new skill trees preview.

DivineTraveller released a puzzle game called Colorator: Return of the Coloration.  Players are tasked with making every tile the same color within a limited number of moves.  The only action available is to change the color of collected tiles.  Starting with a lone tile, neighboring tiles can be gathered by matching their color.

Kyle_ZX released and twice updated a "co-op harvesting and creation game" called Deltoid.  Players collect objects while digging through regenerating walls.  I'm not sure I fully understand the game yet, but the graphics make me feel like I'm driving a futuristic lawnmower.

Dpheonix7 released a demo for his revamped MORPG War of the Magi.  There were are a few quests and a lot of old school random battles to get a feel for it when I played.  More content and classes have since been added.

Despite theoretically working on four projects at once, Bravo1 has been consistently updating his vehicular shooter Tanx.  There are new parts, maps, and music.  The interface, AI and balance have been improved.  It still feels fun to play so go shoot something virtual.

Squeegy's multiplayer god-worshiping action/RTS hybrid Faith has again been updated.  A variety of bugs were fixed.  The gameplay improvements focus on making Hell more punishing with a greater number of wolves, more damaging weather and slower health regeneration.

The Journalism guild returns with a new podcast hosted by Oasiscircle and Akto. EnigmaticGallivanter states that we can expect a "hopefully" dedicated schedule with the team's new lineup sometime in September.  An event involving Shadowdarke's Tanks was held.  Listen to the podcast for the future gatherings.

Get well wishes go to Akto due to kidney stones.

After taking on the default gender expectations of low resolution graphics, Alexandra Erin released a series of posts regarding her upcoming MORPG RetroQuest.  Read on for details of the character progression, the companions and how she is dealing with her self-imposed graphical limitations.

Tayoko and Vermolius are teaming up for an isometric tactical fighter with many layers of customization.  However, I must admit that what really brought me glee was their resumed work on the competitive tower defense game Efencea.

I updated my robot-crashing, gear collecting game Gears & Peers.  It's mostly small interface improvements with a rewritten help file in response to player feedback.  I figure if my work is going to be featured then I might as well be even more anal about that stuff. ;)

I'm not sure how much else I've accomplished.  I've been focusing on PCG research.  I think I'm on the cusp of a decent biome system, but my plot generation progress has stalled.

Beyond BYOND

  • The results of July's Experimental Gameplay Project are now available.  The theme was disintegrate.  The theme for August is "offspring".

  • Board game print-on-demand site The Game Crafter is now hosting design contests where store credits can be won.  The first requires the use of one or more vehicle pieces.  The deadline is October 1st.

  • Touched by the outpouring of support in the wake of his son's death, Tom Vasel has announced the Jack Vasel Memorial Fund intended to help members of the game community who have suffered hardship.

  • Thanks to a Kickstarter project, Mike Gnade has relaunched the indie game news site GameTunnel while storing Russell Carroll's original version for posterity.  With June's return of Insert Credit, I'm wary of a time rift.

  • After more than 2 years of work, PixelProspector is proud to present Indie Resources.  Along with development tools, there's business, marketing and more.  Take advantage of what's there.

  • Perhaps it's mean, but did anyone else view clips from EVO 2011 just to see Daigo go down?

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