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9 Pieces Of Advice On How To Get Into Indie Games

I interviewed a few indie game developers at Firefly Studios in London, and this is what advice they gave on breaking into the indie game dev market.

Aaron Hayden, Blogger

May 12, 2017

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(See this blog in video form here: bit.ly/2posp8I)

I’ve been working at Firefly Studios for about two months now and as my first job in the games industry it has been a unique experience. I have no idea if this is the norm, however I do know is it's the best job I've ever had. 

My role at Firefly requires me to concept, produce and release video content about development, the team and our studios as a whole. From interviews and roundtable discussions to studios tours and forcing developers to read mean Steam reviews on camera. It's been a fascinating and endearing look into an industry I never thought I’d be part of and I feel it's now within my power to help others break into games:


In addition, here are my favourite quotes from the developers I interviewed. This is what Firefly had to say about breaking into the games industry in 2017:

1. "Build a body of work, build a portfolio, and send it everywhere." (3D Art)

2. "Pick up Unity and try to learn how to make a game with that." (Programming)

3. "It can be tough, rejection. Keep going, keep practicing what you do, believe in what you do." (2D Art)

4. "Put together a load of demos, especially if you're a programmer." (Programming)

5. "Make sure you just go to events and network with people." (Programming)

6. "Build a website, don't send a CV because CV's are horrendous." (Marketing)

7. "Alot of this job is basically taking a bunch of maths and turning it into something fun. The fun part you can pick up, but the Math's, it's a lot easier if you can get somebody to teach you. So I guess my advice would be.., Yeah! Maths! Do your homework, stay in school!" (Programming)

8. "Just [build] a kind of good practical general knowledge, it will get you a long way." (Production)

9. "Do it because you love games, because if you don't... it's just not going to be right for you." (Marketing)

Thanks for reading! 


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