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Release of Solar Advance

Howling Moon Games releases Solar Advance!!!

Lee Ing, Blogger

December 21, 2009

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Howling Moon Games releases Solar Advance for the iPhone

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You are the intelligence controlling an advance technology that can store the suns energy for use back on a distant planet. As the intelligence you will need to motion special matter that absorbs certain forms of energy. The energy that needs to be caught bursts from suns. Along its path it changes shape and colors. The color of the flare needs to be met by the same color matter for it to be harnessed.


·         Each new level leaves the player with more matter to control, more color differences from the solar flares.

·         A timer calculates your overall game score, preventing your MAT's from being destroyed decreases your overall time.

·         Each sun has a different gravitational pull.

·         New Collapsing Star mode just for the iphone

·         An amazing leaderboard system to keep track of your highscores

·         Try and collect all the rewards


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