Paradox scraps unannounced projects to 'sharpen' production pipeline

Paradox said the move will allow it to better meet its requirements on returns and risk.

Paradox Interactive has tossed several unannounced projects on the scrapheap so it can focus on developing "proven game niches and projects."

The Stellaris and Cities: Skyline publisher said the move will impact its Q3 2021 profit before tax to the tune of -135 million SEK (-$15.5 million).

As a result of the decision, Paradox said it will be able to meet its requirements on returns and risk, and described its overall development pipeline as "promising."

"We have sharpened our pipeline further to ensure that the projects with the highest potential have the resources necessary for the best possible development," said company CEO, Fredrik Wester. "We now have a promising game pipeline and I look forward to sharing these games with our players over the next few years."

Paradox now has 15 new titles in development, comprising sequels and brand new projects. Four of those have been announced, including Victoria 3 and Vampire: the Masquerade - Bloodlines 2. A number of expansions are also in the works, including the 'Royal Court' DLC for Crusader Kings III.

The news comes just over a month after Ebba Ljungerud stepped down as Paradox CEO due to "differing views" on company strategy.

Fredrik Wester, who previously served as CEO between 2009 and 2018, was reappointed following that resignation, but has since admitted to subjecting an employee to "inappropriate behaviour" in 2018. Wester's admission came after a leaked union survey indicated there was a culture of "offensive treatment" at the Swedish publisher.

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