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My Crowdfunding Nightmare Continues: Funding my game, Tribal Pride.

This blog post is in response to the call for blogs about stories in funding your game.

Luis Blondet, Blogger

July 26, 2013

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I am writing this blog post from my new home in Midland, Texas. Midland is in the Permian Basin in the west of Texas and it is currently going through an oil boom.

What does this have to do with games? If you don't already know what happened i'll tell you the version in a nutshell: Basically i moved from my home to the Permian Basin to get a top-paying job so i can fund my game.

Some people have asked me why don't i just learn to program enough to do the game myself? The problem i have with that is that i do not want to make just any game nor am i looking for a career in the game industry. I want to make the games that i envision. I want to make the games that excite me. I want to make the games i dream about.


Tribal Pride is not a complicated game. It is a simple strategy game. Now, i have read before from another blog here in Gamasutra that the simplest game you can think of will cost you at least $36,000. When i went to film school, i learned that "You should only write what you can shoot", meaning that the design of your product should revolve around your capacity and limitations. If you don't have a green screen to do CG, then you do not include that in your script. So, i have taken that advice with games as well. I am looking to hire someone to make just the basic fundamentals of the game so i can then do everything else, reducing its price way below $36,000.


Some people have also told me to forget Tribal Pride and accept it as a failed funded Kickstarter project. I just can't do that to my backers. I made a promise and i need to deliver, if later on the game fails then that is out of my hands, but i do need to deliver on what i promised.


So, here i am, working as a roughneck with the worse type of people in the work force, breaking my back, risking life and limb everyday for the sake of achieving a dream. 

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