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Maya Breaker, New Indie Game

Maya Breaker is an action adventure platformer. This indie game combines metroidvania progression with swinging mechanics to deliver novel combat and puzzle solving.

Michael Hayes, Blogger

February 13, 2014

1 Min Read

Xanthous Ray has more than five years’ experience in game development. The project head previously working with Saturnine Games to create 'Antipole' the gravity-inverting platformer. It was released on XBLA and DSiWare. Antipole was recommended in Nintendo Power and featured in the Royal Indie Bundle.

Maya Breaker begins a new 16 bit adventure. You are given a giant claw on a chain early on. You can use this to swing from hooks and ceilings; latch onto walls and fight enemies. A massive underground world is yours to explore, but surviving won't be easy. The root of the problem is a race of carnivorous plant monsters who want to gobble you up. Maya Breaker was featured in this year's Magfest Indie Showcase. The gameplay has been prototyped over the past year. The only thing left is the massive amount of assets needed to finish the game. We need objects rendered in pixels, backgrounds painted and music written. The funds gained through this campaign will enable artists of greater talent to make the best game possible. Stretch goals include release on iOS and Android.

16-bit pixel art
wordless storytelling
minimal backtracking
swinging and grappling mechanics
extra puzzle rooms to unlock
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