Intern's Log: Week 6.1

This week at the Full Sail University Internship

After a few weeks of meeting frenzies, this week has died down a bit.  There have been a few meetings with different departments to get the ball rolling on their respective fronts.  On the development front, I was able to meet with Jeremiah (the Architecture Chair for the Game Development Department) to discuss his view on how the students in his program will function in the internship. I was also able to take part in some of the interviewing process, which was interesting and allowed me to gain some extra insight on the student that is coming in.


Aside from that, I've been taking on some of the SimConnect addon development until we formally get the development students in.  The API is pretty much an information passing system with no real development power behind it, but you can force it to do some interesting things.  So far, i've gotten a teleportation addon as well as a console version of a distance gauge working.



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