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Intern's Log: Week 5.1

Internship update, week 5!

Zachary McCann, Blogger

August 8, 2011

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This week at the internship was primarily filld with meetings.  Procedural, staff, and team meetings galore.  I did get some time to work on the mission I've had, in which I smoothed out the layout such that the player doesn't fly for several nautical miles at a time in a striaght line.  


The next step for my mission will be getting achievements and a secondary objective in to allow for the player to make their own decisions rather than simply following orders.  However, with the first mission completion coming up shortly, I have also been working on some SimConnect addons.  So far, there has been a fair amount of wrestling with the API and the samples provided but I should be able to work something out in the upcoming week.



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