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How we made our Shield FX for Jurassic Snap with Unity Shader Graph

Here’s the shader graph of the Shield/Forcefield Effect. I merged 3 differents tutorials and added the touch we needed. This one is for the vehicle’s alert !

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August 27, 2021

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A video game screenshot showing a player taking a picture of a sleeping triceratops.

Hello, this is Romain, VFX Game Artist at Dreamirl and today I'm gonna explain in this article how I created the dynamic Shield surrounding the vehicle in Jurassic Snap !

Here is the render in game (FPV)



Before we start, If you're curious about our ongoing project, it is live on Kickstarter and you can read all the informations here https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dreamirl/jurassic-snap?ref=creator_nav

So this one is in URP, I wanted it to be Double-sided and to go inside, so I couldn't work with a Fresnel, but you can add one.

The first system is the ramp : Plug the mask you want in a Sample Texture 2D, and animate it on axe Y with a Time and a Tiling & Offset. You can put a texture on it with a Sample too. Mix them with a Multiply as your textures are an alpha.

Work your Main Noise now to get asap the « more or less » final look. First create your Noise map or plug one in a Sample. Here, the Position Node will help us to Mask what we want, so do I with the Y axe. You can animate its power with a Time node plugged into a Multiply.

You can put these two output in the Emission Input.

The Breath System is just a Time into a Sine, plugged with a Position Node and in the Position Input.

The intersection system is harder, you have to create your intersection’s mask with a network of SceneDepth and ScreenPosition Nodes, take a look at the screen !

Click here for the full resolution image : https://ibb.co/Y8bN8zz

You can put a Lerp system, that will blend your colors to get the unique look you want.

Hope you like it !

That's it! Consider give us a follow on Twitter, we are used to share our work in progress and blog posts like this one. Specific to the game and Unity: https://twitter.com/JurassicSnap The Studio in general: https://twitter.com/DreamirlGames

If you want to know more, here are the source tutorials (Not from me) :




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