Get a job: Vicarious Visions seeks level designers

Vicarious Visions looking to hire multiple mid-tier level designers.
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Level Designer, Vicarious Visions/Activision

Location: Albany, NY Come join Vicarious Visions, one of the most dynamic and creative game developers in the video-game industry. A Level Designer is a mid level position and is expected to be able to fulfill different roles dependent on the project they are allocated to. These roles can vary from ownership and implementation of series of levels to a Sub Lead Role supporting a Senior Lead. Description:
  • Creates level layouts and features.
  • Translates game design into playable levels.
  • This position involves using specialized tools to edit game data, working within an overall game design established by others.
  • Develops scripts
  • Manage and assist in developing individual work schedule, track personal tasks, and alert lead to any changes in planned schedule or tasks
  • Works closely with project team members to execute design and work through design revisions as needed.
  • Works with team to define creative vision and fun factor
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