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I have to admit, I try to approach each of these annual events with fresh eyes each year. In the case of E3, it's never been difficult.

Kimberly Unger, Blogger

June 3, 2009

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I have to admit, I try to approach each of these annual events with fresh eyes each year.  In the case of E3, it's never been difficult.  Every year I've attended in the past (and I skipped the last two) it's been like starting down the barrel of a laser-pointer. 

Painful, lots of bright light and a lingering afterimage that fades without much in the way of permanent damage.  It's like going to Vegas, or athe that you'd imagine going to Vegas would be like if you had only been watching what Hollywood dishes out, and that's not so much a bad thing.

Of all the industry events out there, E3 is the one that really makes you feel like a rockstar.  It's big, it's loud, there are beautiful women in tight costumes (and in a really *really* good year there are beautiful men in tight costumes as well). 

You get to see everything at its finest, all the beautiful GCI cutscenes, you get to lay hands on demos, try out new gameplay, check out not only what the best and the brightest are doing, but check out what the next generation of up and comers is making a play with as well.

This year is the year of the Redux, the big Do-Over after E3 crashed under the weight of it's own economic debauchery a couple of years ago, and the new version is tight.  Clean, professional, the Booth versus Booth competitions have come back down a few notches, no live skateboard ramps or WWF matches. 

Granted, a good 60 seconds in the EA booth will rattle your teeth as some of their promo videos shake the floor, and the guys over at the WB booth have gone all out with their props and scene decorations, but the crass over the top insanity has been toned back, even the tchotchkeys are fewer and farther between.

All of this leads to a much more professional show, on all levels and is turning it back into a resource, a place the industry can actually do business, rather than just flaunting their bank accounts (although a little of that is nice too :)

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