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Keighley declares devs have more ways than ever to be 'sustainable' at Summer Game Fest

The Summer Game Fest stream was light on announcements, but heavy on indies and praise for the industry from Geoff Keighley.

Bryant Francis, Senior Editor

June 7, 2024

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Geoff Keighley stands in front of an image showing the top 10 new games of 2024.
Image via The Game Awards.

At a Glance

  • Geoff Keighley's Summer Game Fest 2024 gave a healthy chunk of time to indie devs and triple-A studios alike.

It's Friday night and another Summer Game Fest has come and gone. This year, Geoff Keighley wowed players with trailers that we now know run in the cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars. But developers who ponied up probably got their money's worth, what with the high-value production effort and the millions of viewers following along on YouTube and Twitch.

Once you're done calculating the total revenue, you no doubt are interested in the major trends that ran through Keighley's megapromo telethon. For the first time since the game industry's layoff spree beginning in 2023, he acknowledged the ongoing layoffs—before immediately pivoting to praising the power of "newer, smaller creators," pointing to a list of 2024's most popular new games on Steam (which included games like Balatro, Hades II, and Palworld) as a sign of the industry's health.

"It's a reminder that developers need to treat their developers right, because there are so many paths to sustainability and success," he boasted.

Sony's unveiling of LEGO Horizon Adventures, as a day-one cross-platform release on PC, Switch, and PS5 shone a spotlight on how PC and Nintendo Switch are drawing more interest from Microsoft and PlayStation, who have spent the last year lowering their platform-exclusive walls.

Firaxis' announcement that Sid Meier's Civilization VII would launch on consoles the same day as PC also showed publishers' hunger to get games in front of as many players as possible as soon as possible.

Innersloth also showed up to directly acknowledge the industry's woes and unveil a new publishing label called "Outersloth," a moment that showed how much Summer Game Fest—and the industry—need indie devs to push themselves forward.

What were the biggest Summer Game Fest announcements?

Despite taking place in the week that would normally host the now-deceased E3, the broadcast contained few high-profile announcements of new games. That said, studios like Sony used the show to show off a Horizon spinoff, and Take-Two unveiled the next entry in the Side Meier's Civilization series.

The remainder of the broadcast showcased an impressive roster of indie and double-A games. Blumhouse Games and new publisher Outersloth Games were given time to unveil their first slates of published titles, putting a bit more space between promotions for already-announced titles.

  • LEGO Horizon Adventures - Guerilla Games/Studio Gobo

  • No Room in Hell 2 - Torn Banner Studios

  • Harry Potter Quidditch Champions - Unbroken Studios

  • Cuffbust - Two Star Games

  • Star Wars Outlaws - Ubisoft

  • Neva - Nomada Studio

  • Sid Meier's Civilization VII - Firaxis Games

  • Black Myth Wukong - Game Science

  • Metaphor RE Fantazio - Atlus

  • Batman: Arkham Shadow - Camouflaj

  • King of Fighters characters appearing in Street Fighter VI - Capcom

  • DRAGONBALL: Sparking! ZERO - Bandai Namco

  • Delta Force Hawk Ops - Team Jade

  • Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves - SNK

  • Mecha Break - Amazing Seasun

  • Crisol Theater of Idols - Vermila Studios

  • Grave Seasons - Perfect Garbage

  • Sleep Awake - Eyes Out

  • Fear the Spotlight - Cozy Game Pals

  • The Simulation - Playmestudio

  • Project C - Half Mermaid

  • Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers - Rita's Rewind - Digital Eclipse

  • Deer & Boy - Lifeline Games

  • Kingdom Come: Deliverance II - Warhorse Studios

  • Slitterhead - Bokeh Game Studio

  • Killer Bean - Jeff Lew

  • Cairn - The Game Bakers

  • Wanderstop - Ivy Road

  • Unknown9 Awakening - Reflector

  • The First Descendant - Nexon

  • Mars First Logistics - Shape Shop

  • Battle Suit Aces - Trinket Studios

  • The Mossfield Archives - Anypercent Studios

  • Project Dosa - Outerloop Games

  • Sonic X Shadow Generations - Sega

  • Dune Awakening - Funcom

  • Battle Aces - Uncut Games

  • A new season of The Finals - Embark Studios

  • Downloadable content for Alan Wake II titled Night Springs - Remedy

  • New World Aeternum - Amazon Games

  • Honkai Star Rail - HoYoGames

  • Dark and Darker - IronMace Games

  • Kinitsu-Gami Path of the Goddess - Capcom

  • skate. - EA Games

  • A new update for Palworld - Pocketpair

  • A console debut for Valorant - Riot Games

  • Monster Hunter Wilds - Capcom]

  • Phantom Blade 0 - S-Game

It's a lineup that captures the conundrum facing the industry at this moment. The games above all look incredible. But that won't stop the tough economic conditions putting many developers out of work.

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