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Innersloth announces Outersloth, new indie publishing label

Among the projects announced at Summer Game Fest were Outer Loop Game's Project Dosa and partnerships with Strange Scaffold and Visai Games.

Danielle Riendeau, Editor-in-Chief

June 7, 2024

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Colorful key art for Project Dose, featuring a bright world and character in a mech
Via Outer Loop Games

In today's Summer Game Fest presentation, Victoria Tran and Forrest Willard from Among Us publisher Innersloth announced a new indie funding initiative—dubbed Outersloth—and showed off a sizzle reel of projects currently slated for the new label. They noted the dismal funding environment in the current industry was the impetus to create Outersloth, offering "the kind of deals we would have wanted in our less popular 'Amongy' days," said Willard.

"This is our way of saying thank you to our crew mates, players, [and] peers, by helping some games and devs [get] the funding and freedom needed to ship their games," said Tran. "And then we all get to play them, which was the real plan!"

Indie devs encouraged to pitch to Outersloth

The Outersloth website has a few more details including the scope of projects most likely to get funded ($50k-2 million, but a hopeful "feel free to shoot your shot" is included). There are notes for would-be partner studios, with elements they want to see in the pitch deck, and several "nice-to-haves".

In the sizzle reel, several partner projects were revealed, including Thirsty Suitors creator Outer Loop Games' latest, a colorful mech-based title called Project Dosa, bright space physics sim Mars First Logistics, card battling RPG Battle Suit Aces, and an unnamed new project by Strange Scaffold.

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