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Star Citizen referral code free UEC

The Star Citizen referral program cause quite some outrage. There is one rule, you do not talk about the program.

James Holden, Blogger

February 12, 2018

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As common these days, Star Citizen has its own referral program. It rewards backers with virtual goodies when they bring in friends while handing out a referral code. The referral program was introduced at the end of 2015 with rewards up to 2000 recruits. Backers get rewarded spaceships, laser weapons, shields and hangar decoration and many other virtual items when someone uses their Star Citizen referral code.

Because many gamers already had recommended the game to people before the game was introduced, it caused some outrage. Some were angry because they felt they are entitled to rewards and others critiqued the program because Star Citizen is in early alpha. Nowadays there seems to be a gentlemen's agreement to not ever talk about and not share Star Citizen referral codes.

RSI referral contest controversy

Mid 2017, Cloud Imperium Games announced a referral contest. This referral contest was supposed to motivate backers to recruit new people, it backfired and again the community was outraged. Not all people, probably a minority that feels they need to be vocal about stuff they don’t like. Some are entitled where others try to engage an open discussion. Anyway, the backer referring the most recruits was to win a VIP trip to Germany but the contest felt rigged. Nobody was able to get over 3000 recruits, heck even a year after the contest nobody got even close.

Star Citizen's subreddit was flooded for weeks with angry posts about the contest and when it ended CIG hardly mentioned it, I guess they got the message. No one got the VIP-ticket though as expected. The leaderboard top 5 consistent of people who all got over 1000 recruits, the winner was able to get 1600. It's not that hard to get recruits but it seems people like to put more effort in complaining than actually doing something.

If you want to pick up a star citizen and are looking for a Star Citizen referral code check out starcitizenreferralcode.net. You can also add your code to the referral code randomizer hosted on this website. Someone will come along and pick it up. This site was created to help people get more recruits, there are regular giveaways and many people now have free stuff because of the site. The top of the page features a referral code from a random citizen when you visit the page for an extended period.

Where to enter the Star Citizen referral code

You enter it once when signing up for a new Star Citizen account, the free game credits will be added to your account.

  1. Create a new account, start by using this link this link

  2. Get a starter package like the Aurora

  3. Download the game

Some answers to questions people often ask:

  • Recruits need to buy spend at least $40 to earn you 1 point.

  • You always get 5000 UEC when you sign up, even if you don’t buy anything.

  • Only cash works, store credits will not.

The rewards

From small weapons to a full-blown rare multi-crew ship which can hold up to 100 players! The rewards are sweet but the higher up the ladder, the harder it gets. At this moment rewards can be earned up to 2017 recruits. The best reward is probably the Gladius, this ship gets permanently added to your account once you reach 10 recruits. Other permanently added ships are the MISC Razer at 75 recruits (which is flyable with the introduction of Star Citizen 3.1). come when reaching 75 recruits. Next is the alien ship Vanduul Blade at 100 points. Another alien ship called the Glaive at 200 recruits and the medium fighter Hurricane + and exploration vessel Terrapin at 500 recruits. After that it takes a while before you get a ship, you’ll need a staggering 2017 recruits to get the Javelin. A capital ship which is an endgame ship able to crew over 100 gamers simultaneously. Good luck flying that one solo.

Some tips to get recruits

1. Create Youtube videos for new players. Take them through the registration process and help them decide what package to buy.

2. Create flyers and hand them out at a gaming convention.

3. Make a great infographic and post it at imgur.

4. Star a Facebook group to help new citizens

There are many ways to advertise your Star Citizen referral code, some even pay for Adwords! Always be an ambassador and inform new players about the state of the game. It's not for everyone and the current alpha can be frustrating for new players. Better to wait for more game mechanics instead.

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