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How slot machines are made to appeal to different audiences

Step into a real life casino, or take a look online, and you will discover a galaxy of different slot machines, which vary in mechanism and theme.

Vineet Maheshwari, Blogger

March 2, 2016

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Step into a real life casino, or take a look online, and you will discover a galaxy of different slot machines, which vary in mechanism and theme. Each one is designed to appeal to a different type of audience, and every slot is made with a particular type of player in mind. 

Three reel classic slots, whether found online or in the casino, are undoubtedly intended for an older audience that fondly remembers the days where these single coin slots could be found in most bars and pubs in the country. They offer a simple playing format, with the three reels displaying around 10 to 12 symbols on each. Many online versions of this game, including on slot apps, will feature coin sound effects, to bring back that old school vibe for those who remember.

Video slots appeal to another demographic entirely, with different preferences. Not only do they offer more winning opportunities than the classic versions, meaning they attract a more serious type of player, they also effectively multiply the number of betting options, jackpots and bonus possibilities infinitely when compared to the older three reel classics. This stage of slot machine development also marked a significant improvement in the quality of graphics, which led on to the emergence of 3D slots years later. 

Moving forward into 2016, and 3D slots are the newest technological advance for slot machines. There is now a new level of dynamism; they also afford many theming opportunities, which can take user experience design to another level. From films which appeal to players of a certain generation, such as Tomb Raider or Terminator for those 1980s babies, or modern day TV hits such as Family Guy, video slots allow designers to target specific demographics. It is understood that players are more likely to play a slot which has a nostalgic link for them, and for this reason, the possibilities are endless.

Then there are progressive slots, which link the jackpot up for grabs on several machines in order to increase the winnings on offer. This can make for an exciting experience in a real life casino, as players line up on the machines situated next to each other, all competing for their share of the bounty. Progressive slots appeal to the 'lottery players' among us - those who constantly go in search of the big jackpot, and are less concerned about having a smaller chance of winning. These are the thrill seekers you will commonly find in a Las Vegas establishment, for whom the excitement and the thrill of the chase eclipses any systematic way of thinking. 

If you would like to read more details about the different types of slot machines available, and their origins, check out this useful guide which runs through the different types of machine out there. Slot machines are one of the most versatile games on the casino floor, and that is why there is usually a slot to suit everyone.

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