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Game Dev Digest Issue #142 - Put Your Name On Your Game

Game Dev Digest Issue #142 - Put Your Name On Your Game. The latest from the free weekly Unity3d/gamedev newsletter.

Mike Marrone, Blogger

May 23, 2022

7 Min Read

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Some great effects, some great editor tools, and some great advice. Enjoy!

Unity and .NET, what’s next? - We’ve recently started a multiyear initiative to help you write more performant code faster and deliver long-term stability and compatibility. Read on to find out what we’re doing to update the foundational tech stack behind your scripts.

Yes, You Can Animate Thousands of Characters in Real-Time - In this post, you will discover the performance challenges of crowd rendering. Better yet, you’ll learn how to render thousands of character in Unity within your (super tight) performance budget. Yeah, we like it tight around here ;-D

Finite State Machine for AI Enemy Controller in 2D - Finite State Machine (FSM) is a model of computation that has been formulated on a basis of automata theory. It’s a relatively straightforward design pattern to implement and can eliminate a lot of hurdles related to excessive codebase. By adopting it, we can not only increase the maintainability of our code but also make it more scalable. Needless to say, we can use it for the development of many different features of the game. In this article I’m going to focus on the implementation of Finite State Machine for a simple, yet effective enemy AI.

Tentacle Shader Breakdown - Hey! I recently made this tentacle shader that wraps around a target object, as part of the current “Technically A Challenge”

Glitch/Wireframe Effect - Hi all, here's the glitchy shader finally. It's not a real wireframe shader, it's just a trick! :D
Minions Art

Professional Networking at Virtual Conferences: How to Connect Online - Virtual conferences help you build your professional network easily and affordably. Find out how and why to use virtual conferences to create a strong and supportive network.

Unity 2021.3.3 - Unity 2021.3.3 has been released.


Put Your Name on Your Game, a Talk by Bennett Foddy and Zach Gage - In this 2019 GDC session, game developers Bennett Foddy and Zach Gage explore why game developers are one of the few types of craftspeople that don't sign their work, and why indie developers might benefit from putting their name on their games.

Unity VFX Graph - Electric Arc Tutorial - In this Unity tutorial let's create an Electric Arc with Visual Effect Graph. It's an awesome technique that opens a few interesting doors. An arc effect can be used in a chain reaction for example. Enjoy!
Gabriel Aguiar Prod.

The Hollow Knight Look IN 15 MINS (EASY 2D UNITY TUTORIAL) - I finally figured it out. I think! The Hollow Knight look!
Thomas Brush

What to Write So People Buy: Selling Your Game Without Feeling Sleazy - In this 2020 GDC Virtual Talk, Chris Zukowski teaches you the basics of Copywriting in a way that doesn't feel sleazy.

Knocking on Death's Door: Designing a New Bunker for 'Horizon Forbidden West' - In this 2022 Level Design Summit session, Guerrilla’s Blake Rebouche goes in-depth explaining the creation and iteration process of the new Horizon Forbidden West quest, “Death’s Door.”



Easy Collider Editor - Having trouble getting accurate physics and colliders? Easy Collider Editor lets you quickly create colliders that fit any object. Just select points and vertices on a mesh, and click a button or press a shortcut key. It's that easy! Create boxes, spheres, capsules, cylinders, rotated boxes, rotated capsules, and convex mesh colliders quickly and easily.
assetstore.unity.com Affiliate

Toon Water Shader - Unity 2018.3 project source for completed Toon Water Shader tutorial from the site roystan.net.
IronWarrior Open Source

#NVJOB Simple Water Shaders V1.x. Free Unity Asset. - #NVJOB Simple Water Shaders are fast and easy water shaders running on mobile and desktop platforms. The asset includes two shaders,
nvjob Open Source

Stylized Water for Unity - A stylized water shader (and material presets) for Unity.
danielshervheim Open Source

RippleEffect - Water surface ripple effect for Unity.
https://github.com/keijiro/RippleEffect Open Source

NaughtyWaterBuoyancy - Water Buoyancy Simulation for Unity Engine.
dbrizov Open Source

Lowpoly-Water-Shader-Unity - A lowpoly water shader similar to the awesome water in Monument Valley.
danielzeller Open Source

The Base Mesh - 250+ Base Meshes. Updated weekly. Whether you need a mesh for Digital Sculpting, creating a High or Low poly model, Game Prototyping, draw-overs for concepting or any other creative endeavour, this asset library has you covered.

Box2DSharp - A C# port of Box2D.
Zonciu Open Source

Autoya - small, thin framework for Unity, which contains essential game features.
sassembla Open Source

Total Textures 19-pack Download Bundle (FREE) - The Total Textures 19-pack Bundle contains all 19 packs in the Total Textures collection. Ranging from human, creature and alien textures through to building, environment and global textures by way of fantasy, sci fi and cartoon, this collection contains a wealth of high quality content that would make an excellent addition to any artist's arsenal.

Runtime Monitoring - Runtime Monitoring is an easy way for you to monitor the state of your C# classes and objects during runtime. Just add the 'Monitor' attribute to a field, property or event and get its value or state displayed automatically in a customizable and extendable UI.
JohnBaracuda Open Source

Runtime-extendible Object-pooler within unity - This pool creates objects that you defined on start and creates additionally if more spawn request comes to the pool than pools capacity and manages newly added pool objects too ! .
ertanturan Open Source

URP Anaglyph3D - Anaglyph 3D (red/cyan) render feature for Unity's URP.
ryanslikesocool Open Source

NOVA Shader: Uber shader for Particle System - NOVA Shader is a multi-functional shader for the Particle System that supports Universal Render Pipeline (URP). General-purpose functions commonly used in visual effects are implemented so you can create high-quality effects efficiently.
CyberAgentGameEntertainment Open Source

Methodic - An editor extension for Unity to test and interact with functions through a GUI. An editor window provides a simple interface to select your script's functions and run them with parameters of your choice. Ideal for manually triggering events during gameplay and for modifying game objects in the editor.
mminer Open Source

Inputs-Manager - A new customizable and dynamic Input alternative for Unity based on the New Input System.
yboumaiza7 Open Source

Danmokou - Danmokou is a danmaku (bullet hell) engine built in C# for Unity.
Bagoum Open Source

KinoAqua - KinoAqua is a custom post-processing effect for Unity URP/HDRP that creates a watercolor effect.
keijiro Open Source

Bewildered-Core - Common use data types, and utilities for Unity that are high-quality and look and feel like a native part of Unity.
MechWarrior99 Open Source

NSelection - Simple selection for busy scenes in Unity.
vertxxyz Open Source

Editor-View-Modules - Customize Toolbars and any EditorWindow with contextual modules. Hide MainToolbar and StatusBar, works best together with Borderless Unity.
neon-age Open Source


Spikair Volleyball - Welcome to the Spikair Volleyball's club ! Like in real volleyball, you have to choose wisely your next move and have nice timing to smash the ball down (better to put it down in your opponent's field) ;)

[You can wishlist on Steam, play the alpha on itch.io and follow them on Twitter]
Choc Abyss

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